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About Us

About us:

 Scala cars is a dynamic company specialized in purchase and sale of new and used trucks, vans and machinery worldwide. With the knowledge and experience gained over the years, we meet our partners’ demands. Our priorities lie in building a strong and long-lasting partnership. Our focus is understanding your requirements and making sure to track your desired vehicles.

 Scala Cars has permanent stock of vehicles that corresponds to the market’s demand. We always have at our disposal a range of vehicles that are interesting for our customers. 

 We are also able to support our customers in their search for vehicles of their preference.

 Our strategy:

  • Offering a tailored service
  • Finding the right vehicle at client’s request
  • Taking care of the whole process from purchase to delivery (road transport and shipping)
  • Disrupting the market with our competitive prices
  • Ability to assist the customer in multiple languages