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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Truck reservation

Full payment needs to be done within 2 weeks from invoice date. If payment is not received within the specified date your order will be cancelled and you will lose your deposit.



At Scala Trucks, the payment process is easy and clear. Here you can read more about our payment procedure.


Payment method

Payments can be made via bank transfer or pin transaction.


Payment approved

Receipt of payment will be approved when monies show on Scala Trucks bank account. In most cases international transactions may take a bit longer.

Unfortunately, we cannot start the delivery or transport process if payment is not established.


Data Chamber of Commerce

Scala Truck requires a copy of your data Chamber of Commerce, this needs to be registered and be no more than 1 year older.



Proof of identity is required in order to transfer the truck in your name. We accept the following form of Identification:

•             Passport

•             ID card

•             Driver's License


Invoice data

We require certain information to ensure that the invoice is in the correct name. You must include:

•             Full Company details

•             Personal details  

•             VAT number (only for sale within the EU)


Registration Certificate

This is produced in an A5/A6 format or credit card size (registration card). This is sent after the vehicle has been transferred.

Once you put it in your name you will receive the first part of the vehicle registration code. We will then send you a license plate card, followed by the second part of the code. You will need to provide full vehicle registration code in order for us to transfer the vehicle to your name.

Please note: the above only applies to sales within the Netherlands. International sales will acquire export documentation.


Export document


You require an export document. If you intend to drive your truck to a country outside of Europe. This will be handed to your once truck purchase has been completed.

It is imperative that we made aware of which border you expect to leave Europe. At that national border your document will be electronically signed off.  This confirms the truck is no longer in Europe.

Delivery Maintenance

If discussed, we are able to deliver your truck with delivery maintenance. This is not standard.

If you agree, then the following will be include with the delivery:

•             Lighting check

•             Water and oil check

•             Jack/ wheel wrench/ tilt bar

•             Wheel cover check

•             Spare wheel check

•             Battery check

•             Electricity and air cables for trailer check

•             Tachograph check

•             Change tires




Austrian license plates

Austrian export license plates are used for vehicles that go abroad and do not qualify for a Dutch export license plate.  It can be used temporary when the original license has expired or no longer valid.

If you need an Austrian export license plate, you can arrange by yourself. Alternatively, we are able to help with acquiring a license if you are unable to do get one. Therefore we will need the following:

•             A copy of the Registration Certificate

•             A copy of the invoice

•             A copy of your driver's ID

•             A signed authorization from the client

Vehicle Registration Code

A unique code that is associated with a Registration Certificate. This code consists of 9 digits. You will receive the first part of the code when transferring. The second part is received with the registration certificate that the RDW sends you.  

Please note: The aforementioned do not apply for sales outside of Netherlands. Export documents will be provided for International sales.

CMR (transport form)

CMR is an international agreement on road transport that stays within the border or that crosses borders.

This agreement simply means that the carrier is responsible for the freight from the moment of receipt until the moment of delivering the merchandise.

You will sign a form acknowledging receipt of goods. In return you will receive a copy of the receipt.

Transport declaration

A transport declaration is an additional proof for the Dutch Tax Authorities to confirm that goods have been transported. This statement is used within the Netherlands and internationally

With this statement we can deliver goods with 0% VAT:

•             The name of the customer

•             The licence plate of the vehicle transporting the goods

•             Your invoice number

•             The destination

Bill of Lading

This document is used for shipping goods. The truck is delivered to the shipper. After the truck is loaded on board and the ship is on its way, the Bill of Lading is made. The Bill of Lading is then sent to the address specified by the customer.

This allows the new owner to prove that he is the rightful owner in the port of destination. Only with this document does he get the truck.

Shipping information

By shipping information we mean all data that relates to transport by water: shipping company, date of departure, expected date of arrival.


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